Real Estate Experts in the Health and Social Care Sector
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Rodevita is a partner Company of the Orpea Group that operates in real estate development in the social and health care sector, by researching, selecting, and carrying out feasibility studies aimed at the acquisition of land and/or property to build modern Residential Health Care Facilities (RHCFs) and/or Functional or Neuropsychiatric Rehabilitation Clinics.

Our population’s progressive aging, current demographic trends, and chronic diseases are making the LTC (Long Term Care) sector very dynamic, thus providing interesting investment and development opportunities.

As a matter of fact, it is estimated that over the next few years Italy will need between 60,000 and 80,000 new beds in RHCFs, due to a significant aging of the local population, among the oldest in the world, and considering the widespread lack of modern and efficient RHCFs, that are in line with modern standards of care.

Thanks to the long experience of its team of professionals and specialists, who work in new project research and development, Rodevita studies and implements specific structural solutions to create welcoming, innovative, and stylish facilities that meet the specific needs of future guests/patients.

Research, selection, acquisition, design, development, and construction are the natural steps in Rodevita’s activity.

Let’s Build Our Future Together

Rodevita is constantly investing in the search for and selection of potential sites to develop new RHC and Senior Living facilities, Rehabilitation Clinics, and Outpatient Centers, initiating negotiation with sellers and relevant authorities, which is something that requires a broad range of know-how and professionalism.

The search for new sites focuses mainly on urban areas, in high population-density cities and provincial capitals, with a preference for urban areas in pleasant contexts that are well served by public transport and equipped with services.

Rodevita draws up feasibility studies through careful project research, selection, and analysis, working in all the different areas of project development, from purely technical to commercial aspects. In particular: urban, architectural, technical, structural, engineering, and environmental aspects, but also regulatory, commercial, financial, operational, managerial aspects, and others, all aimed at achieving perfectly efficient, functional, and cutting-edge facilities that comply with existing laws and regulations.

From Green-Field to Conversion Projects

In addition to building new “green field” facilities, Rodevita also renovates existing properties that are suitable to be turned into temporary or long-term residential health care facilities.