Project Description

Milan – Residenza San Celso

  • Nursing Home with 120 beds + Daycare Center (DC) for 20 clients

  • Total surface area: 6,600 sqm

Residenza San Celso: presentazione della struttura

For many years, the “San Celso” Institute has operated as a kindergarten, middle school, high school, and boarding school from a building located on 5 Via Paravia – corner of Via Don Gnocchi – until July 2017 when it stopped operating.

This project, which will be designed and developed by Health Invest, involves the demolition of the former Institute and the construction of a Nursing Home with 120 beds and a Daycare Center for 20 clients. The new building will have 5 floors above ground and a basement.

The ground floor will house the general services such as the reception, cafe bar, central restaurant, administration offices, and Daycare Center. The first floor will house a sheltered block with 20 beds with a private deck, a multipurpose room and a worship hall; the second and third floor will include two blocks with 20 beds each. The 4th floor will house an “Elite” block with 20 beds. Each floor will have a common area with a dining room and living room where guests can relax and socialize.  The – mostly single – rooms will be organized as follows:

  • 90 beds in single rooms
  • 24 beds in double rooms
  • 6 beds in Suites

All the rooms that will accommodate guests and patients will be equipped with large windows overlooking the external premises to provide plenty of natural light and adequate ventilation.  The Winter Garden, located at the entrance, will ensure that natural spaces can be used all-year round.

The new building complex will include enough parking spaces to accommodate staff, visitors, and contractors.

The building is also equipped with the best energy-saving technologies and the necessary insulation to curb energy consumption during winter and summer alike.

The building will be located in a residential area that is well served by public transport, close to San Siro sports stadium.

In addition, Via Celio (in front of the building) will be renovated by the city administration: sidewalks will be fixed, new parking areas will be built  along the entire street, public lighting and rainwater collection will be updated, and flowerbeds and green areas will be set up.