Project Description

Brescia Via Romiglia

  • Nursing home with 120 beds and Daycare Center (DC) for 20 clients

  • Total Surface Area: 7,700 sqm

The area included in this project, which is equivalent to 18,800 square meters, is very close to Brescia’s ATS district and the “Poliambulanza” Foundation. The area is well served by public transport, thanks to the #13 bus stop, which is only 500 meters away, and the “Poliambulanza” subway train station, 900 meters away.

The project involves the construction of a Nursing Home with 120 beds and a Daycare Center (DC) for 20 clients with an “s-shaped” layout for the upper floors. The ground floor only will have a “courtyard” layout overlooking a green area, whereby most of the rooms will be facing East / West, while all common areas will be facing South.

The building will be developed on 4 stories above ground, with the residential rooms located on the upper floors, while the larger ground floor will host all the general services of the facility (kitchen, laundry, offices, staff changing rooms and morgue), the common areas (restaurant, medical facilities and common living room), the DC, and a block with 20 beds.

The 120 beds are organized into 20-bed blocks, divided into two blocks on the 1st and 2nd floor and one single block on the ground floor (a sheltered area with an independent garden for residents to wander around) while the 3rd floor will host the facility’s more lavish section, with spacious private rooms and common decks.

The – mostly single – rooms will be organized as follows:

  • 85 beds in single rooms
  • 18 beds in double rooms
  • 17 beds in “luxury” rooms

The choice to include many single rooms in each block is aimed at providing as much privacy as possible to elderly residents who must feel protected, safe, and not bothered by workers or other guests. All the rooms that will accommodate guests and patients will be equipped with large windows overlooking the external premises to provide plenty of natural light and adequate ventilation.

The design of the entire building will include hanging gardens or spacious decks on each floor that guests will be able to access from the common areas or their private rooms. The building will be surrounded by vegetation, thanks to the large 6,500 sqm park that both residents and their relatives will be able to enjoy freely. A lot of attention will be dedicated to the use of natural vegetation: it is an extremely important environmental factor in accommodating and caring for frail users such as elderly individuals.

The new building complex will be equipped with a parking area with a sufficient number of slots to accommodate staff, visitors, and contractors.

The building will also be equipped with the best energy-saving technologies and insulation to curb energy consumption during winter and summer alike.